There are two kinds of Caesarian section

According to one of London’s leading private obstetrician Dr Ashok of the Portland Hospital, there are two kinds of Caesarian section: planned or emergency (which means unscheduled but not necessarily the result of some crisis). Some of the reasons for needing a caesarian are:

  • Your baby’s head is too large to fit through your pelvis
  • The shape or size of your pelvis makes a vaginal birth more difficult
  • The placenta is lying low in the uterus blocking your baby’s exit
  • You’re expecting twins or triplets
  • Your baby’s lying across the uterus, or is breech
  • Once labour has begun, your baby becomes distressed
  • You have eclampsia or severe pre-eclampsia
  • You’re ill, have high blood pressure, or become exhausted in labour

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