GP morale is declining

Based on a paper published by online doctor app, DktrGo, GP morale in Britain remains in decline and is lower than any other group of doctors. GPC deputy chairman Dr Richard Vautrey said ‘perilously poor’ morale was caused by increasing demand, falling resources, staff shortages and increasing unfunded workload. GPs also reported the lowest average satisfaction with their work-life balance and were also more likely than other doctors to consider retiring early, at 64%. GPs are facing rising demand, particularly from an aging population. But work conditions and tough economic times for General Practice are resulting in as many as 600 practices a year closing (the cost of running a practice now accounts for 61.6 % of total GP income). To make matters worse as many as 5,000 doctors a year are considering leaving the UK to emigrate abroad. According to Pulse, many are escaping to Australia for shorter working hours and higher wages. Almost 50% of GPs are women and they represent the group most likely to take an extended career break to start a family and not return back to full-time employment, choosing to either return back part-time or not at all.

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